Rhyannon Byrd Quotes: He Gave Her A Quick Devastating Kiss

He Gave Her A Quick Devastating Kiss, Then Drew Back, The Look In His Eyes Making Her Melt. "You Know What I Want? I Want To Enjoy You, Chloe. Everything About You, For The Rest Of My Life. Learn All The Miracles That Make You Who You Are. Be Your Best Friend, Your Lover, Your Everything. I'll Worship You, Protect You And Love You Til The Day I Die. And Then I'll Defy Whatever Higher Powers Are Out There To Try And Keep Me Away From You, Because I Won't Even Let Death Come Between Us."
"Wow," She Whispered, Completely Dazzled.
"And You're Going To Marry Me."
"Her Eyes Went Wide, "I Am?"
"Oh, Yeah," He Breathed Out.
— Rhyannon Byrd —

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