Mira Bartok Quotes: At The Bottom Of The Box Were Two Big

At The Bottom Of The Box Were Two Big Fairy-tale Collections Our Father Had Sent Us Sometime After Our Parents Divorced In 1963. I Was Four And My Sister Was Five. We Never Saw Him Again. One Book Was A Beautifully Illustrated Collection Of Russian Fairy Tales Inscribed, "To Rachel, From Daddy." The Other, A Book Of Japanese Fables, Was Inscribed To Me. It Had Been Years Since I Had Opened Them. I Stared At The Handwriting. Something Seemed A Bit Off. Then It Dawned On Me - Both Inscriptions Bore My Own Adolescent Scrawl. I Had Always Remembered The Books And Our Father's Dedications As Proof Of His Love For Us. Yet, How Malleable Our Memories Are, Even If Our Brains Are Intact. Neuroscientists Now Suggest That While The Core Meaning Of A Long-term Memory Remains, The Memory Transforms Each Time We Attempt To Retrieve It. In Fact, Anatomical Changes Occur In The Brain Every Single Time We Remember. As Proust Said, "The Only Paradise Is Paradise Lost.
— Mira Bartok —

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