Amanda Palmer Quotes: Whos Got A Tampon I Just Got My Period I

WHO'S GOT A TAMPON? I JUST GOT MY PERIOD, I Will Announce Loudly To Nobody In Particular In A Women's Bathroom In A San Francisco Restaurant, Or To A Co-ed Dressing Room Of A Music Festival In Prague, Or To The Unsuspecting Gatherers In A Kitchen At A Party In Sydney, Munich, Or Cincinnati. Invariably, Across The World, I Have Seen And Heard The Rustling Of Female Hands Through Backpacks And Purses, Until The Triumphant Moment When A Stranger Fishes One Out With A Kind Smile. No Money Is Ever Exchanged. The Unspoken Universal Understanding Is: Today, It Is My Turn To Take The Tampon. Tomorrow, It Shall Be Yours. There Is A Constant, Karmic Tampon Circle. It Also Exists, I've Found, With Kleenex, Cigarettes, And Ballpoint Pens.
— Amanda Palmer —

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