Russell D. Moore Quotes: Moreover Seeing Ourselves As A Majority

Moreover, Seeing Ourselves As A Majority Led At Times To Both A Theological Downgrade And A Counter-productive Public Stance. The Application Of The Promises To Israel To The United States Of America, For Example, Caused Many To Miss, As We Will See In The Next Chapter, The Meaning Of The Kingdom Of God, And Thus To Bypass Jesus Christ Himself. The Idea Of America As A Christian Nation Is Able To Get "Amens" In The Churches Only As Long As The Churches Believe America Is, At Least In Some Ways, With Us And Not Against Us. But What Happens When The Cultural Climate Starts To Shift In Obvious Ways? If The Church Believes The United States Is A Sort Of New Israel, Then We Become Frantic When We See Ourselves "losing America." We Then Start To Speak In Gloomy Terms Of America As, At Best, Babylon, A Place Of Hopeless Exile, Or, At Worst, Gomorrah, Slouching Toward The Judgment Of God.
— Russell D. Moore —

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