Jennifer Estep Quotes: Im Glad Youre Here Lila He Said I Hope

I'm Glad You're Here, Lila," He Said. "I Hope You Feel That Way, Too."
Devon Stared At Me, A Mix Of Emotions Swirling Through His Eyes. I Saw Everything I Had That First Day At The Razzle Dazzle-the Guilt, Grief, Sorrow, And All The Other Burdens He Carried In His Heart.
And Then There Was That Hot Spark, A Little Darker And Dimmer Than Before, But Still Burning All The Same.
"Me Too," I Said.
Devon Smiled, And That Spark Brightened Just For A Moment, And I Felt An Answering Bit Of Warmth Stir In My Own Heart. I Nodded At Him, And We Both Went Back To Our Food, Things A Little Less Tense Between Us. A Few Seconds Later, We Were Laughing, Along With Oscar, As Mo And Felix Talked Over Each Other Nonstop.
Somewhere Between Those Laughs And All The Others That Morning, I Realized Something.
My Home. My Friends. My Family.
Sometimes, Good Things Come In Threes.
— Jennifer Estep —

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