A.L. Jackson Quotes: Gently I Caressed Along The Puckered

Gently, I Caressed Along The Puckered, Angry Scar Slanting In A Long, Jagged Line Across My Lower Abdomen To Where It Crossed The Smooth, Silvered Scar Running In A Horizontal Line Just Above My Pelvis, Wishing She Could Somehow Find Comfort In My Touch. Chills Shook My Body As I Ran My Fingers Over The Still Sensitive Skin, And Just Like Every Night, The Bitterness And Anger I Found Myself Feeling Faded Away Into Sadness As I Lost Myself In This Tangible Reminder Of My Child. I Loved Her, So Much. Steam Filled The Room, And I Eased Myself Into The Water, Allowing Myself To Drift Back To Daniel. I Missed Him, Almost More Than I Could Bear. This Was Never Supposed To Have Happened To Us. We Were Supposed To Make It ... We Should Have Made It.
— A.L. Jackson —

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