Amanda Coplin Quotes: The Other Chief Love And How Similar It

The Other Chief Love- And How Similar It Was To Science, And How Different- Was Reading. As Soon As She Realized The Figures On The Page Meant Something- Could Be Strung Together As Words, And Then Sentences, And Then Paragraphs- She Was Covetous Of The Whole System. It Seemed A New Universe To Her. And It Was. Everything Opened Up. Some Stories Were Meant To Inform, And Others Were Meant To Entertain. And Then Other Stories Were Separate From Those- This The Young Teacher Did Not Tell Her, It Was Something Angelene Figured Out On Her Own, The First Year, When A Man Visited And Read Them A Poem Out Of A Tome Of Poems- That Seemed Crafted To Relay Some Secret, And Even More Than That, Some Secret About Herself. Angelene Was Mesmerized. What Was Available For Her To Know? What Secrets Did The World Hold? Which Secrets Would Be Revealed To Her Through The Soil, And Which Through Words?
— Amanda Coplin —

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