Rick Riordan Quotes: About Five Meters Ahead Nico Was

About Five Meters Ahead, Nico Was Swinging His Black Sword With One Hand, Holding The Scepter Of Diocletian Aloft With The Other. He Kept Shouting Orders At The Legionnaires, But They Paid Him No Attention.
Of Course Not, Frank Thought. He's Greek.
[ ... ]
Jason's Face Was Already Beaded With Sweat. He Kept Shouting In Latin: "Form Ranks!" But The Dead Legionnaires Wouldn't Listen To Him, Either.
[ ... ]
"Make Way!" Frank Shouted. To His Surprise, The Dead Legionnaires Parted For Him. The Closest Ones Turned And Stared At Him With Blank Eyes, As If Waiting For Further Orders.
"Oh, Great ... " Frank Mumbled.
— Rick Riordan —

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