Jen Turano Quotes: The Elderly Gentleman Somehow Managed To

The Elderly Gentleman Somehow Managed To Look Down His Nose At Her,even Though They Were Of A Similar Height.
"From What I Just Witnessed, You Were About To Assault Mr. Addleshaw."
"Just Because I Was Thinking About It, Doesn't Mean I Was Planning On Seeing It Through To Fruition."
"A Lady Should Never Contemplate Slapping A Gentleman, Especially Not One Of Mr. Addleshaw's Social Standing."
"I Wasn't Thinking About Slapping Him," Harriet Muttered. "He Deserved Much More Than A Simple Slap For Being Under The Misguided Belief That, Simply Because He Has Deep Pockets, Everyone Should Cater To His Ridiculous Whims.
— Jen Turano —

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