Albert Camus Quotes: In Any Case If The Reader Would Have A

In Any Case, If The Reader Would Have A Correct Idea Of The Mood Of These Exiles, We Must Conjure Up Once More Those Dreary Evenings, Sifting Down Through A Haze Of Dust And Golden Light Upon The Treeless Streets Filled With Teeming Crowds Of Men And Women. For, Characteristically, The Sound That Rose Towards The Terraces Still Bathed In The Last Glow Of Daylight, Now That The Noises Of Vehicles And Motors
the Sole Voice Of Cities In Ordinary Times
had Ceased, Was But One Vast Rumour Of Low Voices And Incessant Footfalls, The Drumming Of Innumerable Soles Timed To The Eerie Whistling Of The Plague In The Sultry Air Above, The Sound Of A Huge Concourse Of People Marking Time, A Never-ending, Stifling Drone That, Gradually Swelling, Filled The Town From End To End, And Evening After Evening Gave Its Truest, Mournfullest Expression To The Blind Endurance Which Had Ousted Love From All Our Hearts.
— Albert Camus —

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