Gail Carriger Quotes: Lord Macon Deposited His Wife Into A

Lord Macon Deposited His Wife Into A Chair And Then Knelt Next To Her, Clutching One Of Her Hands. "Tell Me Truthfully - How Are You Feeling?"
Alexia Took A Breath. "Truthfully? I Sometimes Wonder If I, Like Madame Lefoux, Should Affect Masculine Dress."
"Gracious Me, Why?"
"You Mean Aside From The Issue Of Greater Mobility?"
"My Love, I Don't Think That's Currently The Result Of Your Clothing."
"Indeed, I Mean After The Baby."
"I Still Don't See Why Should Want To."
"Oh No? I Dare You To Spend A Week In A Corset, Long Skirts And A Bustle."
"How Do You Know I Haven't?
— Gail Carriger —

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