Marquis De Sade Quotes: Virtue Is Not Some Kind Of Mode Whose

[ ... ]virtue Is Not Some Kind Of Mode Whose Value Is
incontestable, It Is Simply
a Scheme Of Conduct, A Way Of Getting Along, Which Varies
according To Accidents Of Geography And Climate And Which, Consequently, Has No
reality, The Which Alone Exhibits Its Futility.
Only What Is Constant Is Really Good; What Changes Perpetually Cannot
claim That
characterization: That Is Why They Have Declared That Immutability Belongs To The
ranks Of The Eternal's Perfections; But Virtue Is Completely Without This Quality: There
is Not, Upon The Entire Globe, Two Races Which Are Virtuous In The Same M
hence, Virtue Is Not In Any Sense Real, Nor In Any Wise Intrinsically Good And In No Sort
deserves Our Reverence.
— Marquis De Sade —

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