Susan Cain Quotes: When People Are Skilled At Adopting Free

When People Are Skilled At Adopting Free Traits, It Can Be Hard To Believe That They're Acting Out Of Character. Professor Little's Students Are Usually Incredulous When He Claims To Be An Introvert. But Little Is Far From Unique; Many People, Especially Those In Leadership Roles, Engage In A Certain Level Of Pretend-extroversion. Consider, For Example, My Friend Alex, The Socially Adept Head Of A Financial Services Company, Who Agreed To Give A Candid Interview On The Condition Of Sealed-in-blood Anonymity. Alex Told Me That Pretend-extroversion Was Something He Taught Himself In The Seventh Grade, When He Decided That Other Kids Were Taking Advantage Of Him. "I Was The Nicest Person You'd Ever Want To Know," Alex Recalls, "but The World Wasn't That Way. The Problem Was That If You Were Just A Nice Person, You'd Get Crushed. I Refused To Live A Life Where People Could Do That Stuff To Me. I Was Like, OK, What's The Policy Prescription Here? ...
— Susan Cain —

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