Steven Johnson Quotes: The Contamination Of Drinking Water In

The Contamination Of Drinking Water In Dense Urban Settlements Did Not Merely Affect The Number Of V. Cholerae Circulating Through The Small Intestines Of Mankind. It Also Greatly Increased The Lethality Of The Bacteria. This Is An Evolutionary Principle That Has Long Been Observed In Populations Of Disease-spreading Microbes. Bacteria And Viruses Evolve At Much Faster Rates Than Humans Do, For Several Reasons. For One, Bacterial Life Cycles Are Incredibly Fast: A Single Bacterium Can Produce A Million Offspring In A Matter Of Hours. Each New Generation Opens Up New Possibilities For Genetic Innovation, Either By New Combinations Of Existing Genes Or By Random Mutations. Human Genetic Change Is Several Orders Of Magnitude Slower; We Have To Go Through A Whole Fifteen-year Process Of Maturation Before We Can Even Think About Passing Our Genes To A New Generation.
— Steven Johnson —

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