Barbara Elsborg Quotes: He Sighed Why Do You Think Youre A

He Sighed. "Why Do You Think You're A Werewolf."
Jo Took A Deep Breath. "I Don't Feel The Cold. I Can Run Very Fast. I Have Acute Senses. I Heal Quickly And For Five Days Around A Full Moon, I'm Desperate For Sex And Can Never Get Enough." She Looked Straight At Him. "What Do You Think?"
"Well, I Have Heard Your Horrible Howl." He Shuddered. Jo Hit Him. "Ouch. Okay, Turn Round," He Said.
"I Want To See If You've Got A Tail."
"Very Funny."
Alek Smirked. "Yeah, It Is. Do You Like To Stick Your Head Out Of The Car Window When You're Going Fast?
— Barbara Elsborg —

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