Veronica Roth Quotes: Al Walks Toward The Railing No Eric Says

Al Walks Toward The Railing. "No," Eric Says. "She Has To Do It On Her Own." "No, She Doesn't," Al Growls. "She Did What You Said. She's Not A Coward. She Did What You Said." Eric Doesn't Respond. Al Reaches Over The Railing, And He's So Tall That He Can Reach Christina's Wrist. She Grabs His Forearm. Al Pulls Her Up, His Face Red With Frustration, And I Run Forward To Help. I'm Too Short To Do Much Good As I Suspected, But I Grip Christina Under The Shoulder Once She's High Enough, And Al And I Haul Her Over The Barrier. She Drops To The Ground Her Face Still Blood Smeared From The Fight, Her Back Soaking Wet, Her Body Quivering. I Kneel Next To Her. Her Eyes Lift To Mine, Then Shift To Al, And We All Catch Our Breath Together.
— Veronica Roth —

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