Banana Yoshimoto Quotes: The Days Id Passed With My Mom Before

The Days I'd Passed With My Mom Before She Died Were Still There, It Seemed, Seared Into The Corners Of My Heart.
The Atmosphere Of The Station Brought It All Back. I Could See Myself Running To The Hospital, Glad To Be Seeing My Mother Again. You Never Know You're Happy Until Later. Because Physical Sensations Like Smells And Exhaustion Don't Figure Into Our Memories, I Guess. Only The Good Bits Bob Up Into View.
I Was Always Startled By The Snatches Of Memory That I Saw As Happy, How They Came.
This Time, It Was The Feeling I Got When I Stepped Out Onto The Platform. The Sense Of What It Had Been Like To Be On My Way To See My Mom, For Her Still To Be Alive, If Only For The Time Being, If Only For That Day. The Happiness Of That Knowledge Had Come Back To Life Inside Me.
And The Loneliness Of That Moment. The Helplessness.
— Banana Yoshimoto —

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