Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra Quotes: Good Brother If You Want To Say

Good Brother, If You Want To Say Something, Say It Quickly, Because These Brethren Are Disciplining Their Flesh And We Cannot Listen To Anything, Nor Is It Right For Us To Do So, Unless It Is So Brief That It Can Be Said In Two Words." "I Shall Say It In One," Replied Don Quixote, "and It Is This: You Must Immediately Release That Beauteous Lady Whose Tears And Melancholy Countenance Are Clear Signs That You Take Her Against Her Will, And Have Done Her Some Notable Wrong, And I, Who Was Born Into The World To Right Such Iniquities, Shall Not Consent To Your Taking Another Step Forward Until You Give Her The Freedom She Desires And Deserves.
— Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra —

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