Jojo Moyes Quotes: Computers And What I Had Done For Will

Computers, And What I Had Done For Will. But I Thought This Should Probably Be Her Moment. We Sat On The Foldaway Chairs, Under The Tattered Sunshade, And Sipped At Our Mugs Of Tea. Her Fingers, I Noticed, Were All The Right Colors. "She Misses You," I Said. "We'll Be Back Most Weekends From Now On. I Just Needed ... Lou, It Wasn't Just About Settling Thomas In. I Just Needed A Bit Of Time To Be Away From It All. I Just Wanted Time To Be A Different Person." She Looked A Bit Like A Different Person. It Was Weird. Just A Few Weeks Away From Home Could Rub The Familiarity Right Off Someone. I Felt Like She Was On The Path To Being Someone I Wasn't Quite Sure Of. I Felt, Weirdly, As If I Were Being Left Behind. "Mum Told Me Your Disabled Bloke Came To
— Jojo Moyes —

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