William Shakespeare Quotes: Swaggering In The Coffee Houses And

Swaggering In The Coffee-houses And Ruffling It In The Streets Were The Men Who Had Sailed With Frobisher And Drake And Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Hawkins, And Sir Richard Granville; Had Perhaps Witnessed The Heroic Death Of Sir Philip Sidney, At Zutphen; Had Served With Raleigh In Anjou, Picardy, Languedoc, In The Netherlands, In The Irish Civil War; Had Taken Part In The Dispersion Of The Spanish Armada, And In The Bombardment Of Cadiz; Had Filled Their Cups To The Union Of Scotland With England; Had Suffered Shipwreck On The Barbary Coast, Or Had, By The Fortune Of War, Felt The Grip Of The Spanish Inquisition; Who Could Tell Tales Of The Marvels Seen In New-found America And The Indies, And, Perhaps, Like Captain John Smith, Could Mingle Stories Of The Naive Simplicity Of The Natives Beyond The Atlantic, With Charming Narratives Of The Wars In Hungary, The Beauties Of The Seraglio Of The Grand Turk, And The Barbaric Pomp Of The Khan Of Tartary.
— William Shakespeare —

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