L.H. Cosway Quotes: You Need A Job And I Need A Pa Why Dont

You Need A Job And I Need A PA, Why Don't You Come And Work For Me?"
"No Thanks, God Knows What Being Your PA Would Involve."
He Laughs. "Well It Would Involve The Usual, Faxing, Filing, Answering The Phones, Taking
bookings, Relieving My Sexual Needs, Etcetera."
"Yeah I Thought As Much." I Tell Him, My Tone Doing All The Rejecting For Me.
"Seriously Though, The Offer Stands. Think It Over." He Tells Me In A Soft Voice.
"I Don't Have PA Experience."
"I'll Teach You," He Says, In A Tone That Insinuates Other Things.
He Lowers His Voice. "I Think I'd Enjoy Teaching You Things."
"Can't Say I W-would Enjoy It." Yeah, Right.
"You Stuttered," He Says
— L.H. Cosway —

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