Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Quotes: A Tick Of Amusement Flashed In Tomas

A Tick Of Amusement Flashed In Tomas' Eyes. "I Can See You Are Not Quite Comfortable With Leaving Your Quarters Just Yet, So May I Order You Some Food?" Helena Lifted Her Chin. She Was Determined To Bury Her Fear, And That Included Her Wobbly Knees That Seemed To Recognize She Was Talking To A Lion Who, Under Normal Circumstances, Viewed Her As A Tasty Gazelle. "Sausage Pizza And ... Dr. Pepper." Tomas Stared For Several Moments, Fear Filling His Eyes. "I Am Certain We Can Find You A Pizza, But I Was Not Aware You Are Ill And Require A Doctor. Niccolo Will Have My Head." This Was Going To Be A Very, Very Long Day.
— Mimi Jean Pamfiloff —

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