Patrick O'Brian Quotes: Yet Said Maturin Pursuing His Own

Yet,'said Maturin, Pursuing His Own Thought, 'there Is A Quality In Dogs, I Must Confess, Rarely To Be Seen Elsewhere And That Is Affection: I Do Not Mean The Violent Possessive Protective Love For Their Owner But Rather That Mild, Steady Attachment To Their Friends That We See Quite Often In The Best Sort Of Dog. And When You Consider The Rarity Of Plain Disinterested Affection Among Our Own Kind, Once We Are Adult, Alas - When You Consider How Immensely It Enhances Daily Life And How It Enriches A Man's Past And Future, So That He Can Look Backward And Forward With Complacency - Why, It Is A Pleasure To Find It In Brute Creation.
— Patrick O'Brian —

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