Beth Revis Quotes: Ive Made Her Relive Over And Over The

I've Made Her Relive, Over And Over, The Last Few Days," I Say Softly, Watching Ms. White's Body. "I've Had To Fill In The Blanks With My Own Feelings And Experiences. She's Spiraling Around Those Last Moments, Those Times When She Went Against Me, And She's Feeling It From My Side, The Pain, The Betrayal."
She Thinks She's Awake. I'm Doing To Her Just What She Did To Me. I'm Making Her Feel What It Was Like To Slowly Go Crazy, To Question Everything. To Watch My Mother Die. To Fight For My Life Against My Best Friend. To Feel The Man Who Loved Me Try To Kill Me.
To Know That The Woman I Trusted As Much As My Own Mother Betrayed Me.
That's What I'm Making Her Feel.
I've Turned Her Into Me, And Made Her Live The Life She Forced Me To Live.
Over And Over And Over Again.
— Beth Revis —

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