Lisa Kleypas Quotes: Youve Always Been A Know It All Well

You've Always Been A Know-it-all. Well, You're About To Find Out How Much You Don't Know."
"Believe Me," I Muttered, "I'm The First One To Admit That I Have No Clue About Any Of This Stuff. I Had Nothing To Do With It. This Isn't My Baby."
"Then Give It To Social Services." She Was Getting Agitated. "Whatever Happens To Him Will Be Your Fault, Not Mine. Get Rid Of Him If You Can't Handle The Responsibility."
"I Can Handle It," I Said, My Voice Quiet. "It's Okay, Mom. I'll Take Care Of Him. You Don't Have To Worry About Anything."
She Subsided Like A Child Who Had Just Been Mollified By A Lollipop. "You'll Have To Learn The Way I Did," She Said After A Moment, Reaching Down To Adjust Her Toe Ring.
A Hint Of Satisfaction Edged Her Tone As She Added, "The Hard Way.
— Lisa Kleypas —

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