William Shakespeare Quotes: Think You A Little Din Can Daunt Mine

Think You A Little Din Can Daunt Mine Ears?
Have I Not In My Time Heard Lions Roar?
Have I Not Heard The Sea, Puffed Up With Winds,
Rage Like An Angry Boar Chafed With Sweat?
Have I Not Heard Great Ordinance In The Field,
And Heaven's Artillery Thunder In The Skies?
Have I Not In A Pitched Battle Heard
Loud 'larums, Neighing Steeds, And Trumpets' Clang?
And Do You Tell Me Of A Woman's Tongue,
That Gives Not Half So Great A Blow To Hear
As Will A Chestnut In A Farmer's Fire?
Tush! Tush! Fear Boys With Bugs.
Grumio: For He Fears None.
— William Shakespeare —

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