Simone De Beauvoir Quotes: There Was Once A Man Who Lost His Shadow

There Was Once A Man Who Lost His Shadow. I Forget What Happened To Him, But It Was Dreadful. As For Me, I've Lost My Own Image. I Did Not Look At It Often; But It Was There, In The Background, Just As Maurice Had Drawn It For Me. A Straightforward, Genuine, "authentic" Woman, With Out Mean-mindedness, Uncompromising, But At The Same Time Understanding, Indulgent, Sensitive, Deeply Feeling, Intensely Aware Of Things And Of People, Passionately Devoted To Those She Loved And Creating Happiness For Them. A Fine Life, Serene, Full, "harmonious." It Is Dark: I Cannot See Myself Anymore. And What Do The Others See? Maybe Something Hideous.
— Simone De Beauvoir —

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