Douglas Adams Quotes: This Is Your Captain Speaking So Stop

This Is Your Captain Speaking, So Stop Whatever You're Doing And Pay Attention. First Of All I See From Our Instruments That We Have A Couple Of Hitchhikers Aboard. Hello, Wherever You Are. I Just Want To Make It Totally Clear That You Are Not At All Welcome. I Worked Hard To Get Where I Am Today, And I Didn't Become Captain Of A Vogon Constructor Ship Simply So I Could Turn It Into A Taxi Service For A Load Of Degenerate Freeloaders. I Have Sent Out A Search Party, And As Soon As They Find You I Will Put You Off The Ship. If You're Very Lucky I Might Read You Some Of My Poetry First. Secondly, We Are About To Jump Into Hyperspace For The Journey To Barnard's Star. On Arrival We Will Stay In Dock For A Seventy-two-hour Refit, And No One's To Leave The Ship During That Time. I Repeat, All Planet Leave Is Canceled. I've Just Had An Unhappy Love Affair, So I Don't See Why Anybody Else Should Have A Good Time. Message Ends.
— Douglas Adams —

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