William Shakespeare Quotes: Sonnet 57being Your Slave What Should I

Being Your Slave, What Should I Do But Tend
Upon The Hours And Times Of Your Desire?
I Have No Precious Time At All To Spend,
Nor Services To Do, Till You Require.
Nor Dare I Chide The World-without-end Hour
Whilst I, My Sovereign, Watch The Clock For You,
Nor Think The Bitterness Of Absence Sour
When You Have Bid Your Servant Once Adieu;
Nor Dare I Question With My Jealous Thought
Where You May Be, Or Your Affairs Suppose,
But, Like A Sad Slave, Stay And Think Of Nought
Save, Where You Are How Happy You Make Those.
So True A Fool Is Love That In Your Will,
Though You Do Any Thing, He Thinks No Ill.
— William Shakespeare —

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