Cassandra Clare Quotes: Im Not Himthat Guy Who Was Your

I'm Not Him-that Guy Who Was Your Boyfriend. That Guy You Want.He Almost Said: I Wish I Could Be. He Had Wished He Could Be. That Was Why He Had Come To The Academy, To Learn How To Be That Guy They All Wanted Back. He'd Wanted To Be That Way, Be An Awesome Hero Like In A Game Or A Movie. He'd Been So Sure, At First, That Was What He Wanted. Except Wishing He Could Be That Guy Was Like Wishing To Obliterate The Guy He Was Now: The Normal, Happy Guy In A Band, Who Could Still Love His Mother, Who Did Not Wake Up In The Coldest, Darkest Hour Of The Night Weeping For Dead Friends. And He Did Not Know If He Could Be That Guy She Wanted, Whether He Wished It Or Not.
— Cassandra Clare —

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