Dan Pearce Quotes: Dont You Get It There Is No Other You

Don't You Get It? There Is No Other You. Out Of The Six And A Half Billion People On Earth, Not A Single One Of Them Has Had The Same Experiences In Life That You Have Had. None Of Them Share The Exact Same Passions And Struggles. None Of Them Have Lived Your Life. None Of Them.
You Are The Product Of You, And Nothing Else. Every Decision You Have Ever Made Over Your Entire Life Has Led You Exactly To Where You Are Right At This Moment. Simplified ... You Are You Because Of You.
I Am Me Because Of Me.
And Everybody Else Is Everybody Else Because Of What They Did To Get There. Because Of Their Own Choices. Because Of Their Own Paths.
There Is No "normal" Because There Isn't A Single Common Trait Shared By "everyone". There Is Nothing That Everyone Is Doing Or That Everyone Is.
— Dan Pearce —

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