Dan Pearce Quotes: I Am Just A Guy Doing My Best To Be The

I Am Just A Guy, Doing My Best To Be The Best Person I Can Be.
And, Every Once In A While, I Fuck Up The Moment I'm In.
Please. Get Over It. Get Over Yourselves. Get Over This Weird Need To Be Morally Superior To Me And To The Other People In This World.
And Let Me Be Imperfect. I Assure You, My Imperfections Drive Me To Improve.
Let Me Love Myself. I Assure You, Loving Myself Despite My Faults Will Only Make Me A Better Person.
Let Me Be My Own Judge. I Assure You, I'll Be More Fair And Just Than You Ever Will.
Let Me Be The Owner Of My Own Intentions. I Assure You, There Isn't Another Soul On Earth Who Knows What My Real Intentions Are But Me.
Love And Acceptance Despite Ongoing And Glaring Imperfection Is All I've Ever Tried To Attain With This Blog. For Me. For You. For Everyone. And I'll Never Stop.
— Dan Pearce —

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