Cassandra Clare Quotes: Isabelle Had Been Trained To Wake Up

Isabelle Had Been Trained To Wake Up Early Every Morning, Rain Or Shine, And A Slight Hangover Did Nothing To Prevent It From Happening Again. She Sat Up Slowly And Blinked Down At Simon. She'd Never Spent And Entire Night In A Bed With Anyone Else, Unless You Counted Crawling Into Her Parents Bed When She Was Four And Afraid Of Thunderstorms. She Couldn't Help Staring At Simon As If He Were Some Exotic Species Of Animal. He Lay On His Back, His Mouth Slightly Open, His Hair In His Eyes. Ordinary Brown Hair, Ordinary Brown Eyes. His T-shirt Was Pulled Up Slightly. He Wasn't Muscular Like A Shadowhunter. He Had A Smooth Flat Stomach But No Six-pack, And There Was Still A Hint Of Softness To His Face. What Was It About Him That Fascinated Her? He Was Plenty Cute, But She Had Dated Gorgeous Faerie Knights, Sexy Shadowhunters ...
"Isabelle," Simon Said Without Opening His Eyes. "Quit Staring At Me.
— Cassandra Clare —

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