Alan Moore Quotes: The Photograph Is In My Hand It Is The

The Photograph Is In My Hand. It Is The Photograph Of A Man And A Woman. They Are At An Amusement Park, In 1959. [ ... ] I'm Tired Of Looking At The Photograph Now. I Open My Fingers. It Falls To The Sand At My Feet. I Am Going To Look At The Stars. They Are So Far Away, And Their Light Takes So Long To Reach Us ... All We Ever See Of Stars Are Their Old Photographs. [ ... ] It's October, 1985. I'm Basking In The Two-million-year-old Light Of Andromeda. I Can See The Supernova That Ernst Hartwig Discovered In 1885, A Century Ago. It Scintillates, A Wink Intended For The Trilobites, All Long Dead. Supernovas Are Where Gold Forms; The Only Place. All Gold Comes From Supernovas.
— Alan Moore —

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