Jeanette Winterson Quotes: Woolf Worried About The Childlessness

Woolf Worried About The Childlessness From Time To Time, And Suffered From The Imposed Anxiety That She Was Not, Unlike Her Friend Vita Sackville-West, A Real Woman. I Do Not Know What Kind Of Woman One Would Have To Be To Stand Unflinchingly In Front Of The Canon, But I Would Guess, A Real One. There Is Something Sadistic In The Whip Laid On Women To Prove Themselves As Mothers And Wives At The Same Time As Making Their Way As Artists. The Abnormal Effort That Can Be Diverted Or Divided. We All Know The Story Of Coleridge And The Man From Porlock. What Of The Woman Writer And A Whole Family Of Porlocks?
For Most Of Us The Dilemma Is Rhetorical But Those Women Who Are Driven With Consummate Energy Through A Single Undeniable Channel Should Be Applauded And Supported As Vigorously As The Men Who Have Been Setting Themselves Apart For Centuries.
— Jeanette Winterson —

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