Cassandra Clare Quotes: I Dont Hate You Jace I Dont Hate You

I Don't Hate You, Jace."
"I Don't Hate You, Either."
She Looked Up At Him, Relieved. "I'm Glad To Hear That-"
"I Wish I Could Hate You," He Said. His Voice Was Light, His Mouth Curved In An Unconcerned Half Smile, His Eyes Sick With Misery. "I Want To Hate You. I Try To Hate You. It Would Be So Much Easier If I Did Hate You. Sometimes I Think I Do Hate You And Then I See You And I-"
Her Hands Had Grown Numb With Their Grip On The Blanket. "And You What?"
"What Do You Think?" Jace Shook His Head. "Why Should I Tell You Everything
about How I Feel When You Never Tell Me Anything? It's Like Banging My Head On A
wall, Except At Least If I Were Banging My Head On A Wall, I'd Be Able To Make Myself Stop."
Clary's Lips Were Trembling So Violently That She Found It Hard To Speak. "Do You Think It's Easy For Me?" She Demanded.
— Cassandra Clare —

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