Alasdair Gray Quotes: I Read The Miserable Story Of The Play

I Read The Miserable Story Of The Play In Which She Was The One True Loving Soul. It Obviously Described The Spread Of An Epidemic Brain Fever Which, Like Typhoid, Was Perhaps Caused By Seepings From The Palace Graveyard Into The Elsinore Water Supply. From An Inconspicuous Start Among Sentries On The Battlements The Infection Spread Through Prince, King, Prime Minister And Courtiers Causing Hallucinations, Logomania And Paranoia Resulting In Insane Suspicions And Murderous Impulses. I Imagined Myself Entering The Palace Quite Early In The Drama With All The Executive Powers Of An Efficient Public Health Officer. The Main Carriers Of The Disease (Claudius, Polonius And The Obviously Incurable Hamlet) Would He Quarantined In Separate Wards. A Fresh Water Supply And Efficient Modern Plumbing Would Soon Set The Danish State Right And Ophelia, Seeing This Gruff Scottish Doctor Pointing Her People Toward A Clean And Healthy Future, Would Be Powerless To Withhold Her Love.
— Alasdair Gray —

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