Neale Donald Walsch Quotes: The Great Teachers Of Your Christian

The Great Teachers Of Your Christian Religion Understand This. They Know That Jesus Was Not Perturbed By The Crucifixion, But Expected It. He Could Have Walked Away, But He Did Not. He Could Have Stopped The Process At Any Point. He Had That Power. Yet He Did Not. He Allowed Himself To Be Crucified In Order That He Might Stand As Man's Eternal Salvation. Look, He Said, At What I Can Do. Look At What Is True. And Know That These Things, And More, Shall You Also Do. For Have I Not Said, Ye Are Gods? Yet You Do Not Believe. If You Cannot, Then, Believe In Yourself, Believe In Me. Such Was Jesus' Compassion That He Begged For A Way-and Created It-to So Impact The World That All Might Come To Heaven (Self Realization)-if In No Other Way, Then Through Him. For He Defeated Misery And Death. And So Might You. The Grandest Teaching Of Christ Was Not That You Shall Have Everlasting Life-
— Neale Donald Walsch —

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