Kimberly Derting Quotes: Eden Will Stay With You I Glanced Up At

Eden Will Stay With You." I Glanced Up At The Blue-haired Woman Who Watched Us. "She Promises To Take Good Care Of You. Right, Eden?"
Eden Nodded, Curt And No-nonsense, A Soldier To The Bones.
I Glanced Back At Angelina. "You Trust Her, Don't You?"
Angelina Didn't Turn Her Wide Eyes Away From Me. I Needed Angelina's Answer. But Then Her Eyes Sparkled, Ever So Slightly, As She Gave Me Her Response, A Barely Perceptible Nod.
No One Else Could Have Possibly Known How Much Meaning That Single Gesture Held.
Eden Was Honorable. Angelina Had Told Me So.
— Kimberly Derting —

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