Lorelei James Quotes: That Theory Will Be Blown When Shes

That Theory Will Be Blown When She's Conferring With The Event Security, Wearing An Earpiece And Holstering A Firearm Under Her Business Suit. Or If She Perceives A Threat And Pulls A Gun, Because She-and No Offense, Sweetheart-looks Awful Trigger-happy."
She Set Her Forearms On The Table. "You Have No Idea How True That Statement Is. But Right Now The Person I'd Be Gunning For Most Is You, Sweetheart." Then She Smiled.
Holy Shit. The Smile Completely Transformed Her Face-but Devin Wasn't Sure If It Was A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing Because The Grin Straddled The Line Between Sexy And Evil.
— Lorelei James —

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