Jeffrey Eugenides Quotes: College Feminists Made Fun Of

College Feminists Made Fun Of Skyscrapers, Saying They Were Phallic Symbols. They Said The Same Thing About Space Rockets, Even Though, If You Stopped To Think About It, Rockets Were Shaped The Way They Were Not Because Of Phallocentrism But Because Of Aerodynamics. Would A Vagina-shaped Apollo 11 Have Made It To The Moon? Evolution Had Created The Penis. It Was A Useful Structure For Getting Certain Things Done. And If It Worked For The Pistils Of Flowers As Well As The Inseminatory Organs Of Homo Sapiens, Whose Fault Was That But Biology's? But No
anything Large Or Grand In Design, Any Long Novel, Big Sculpture, Or Towering Building, Became, In The Opinion Of The "women" Mitchell Knew At College, Manifestations Of Male Insecurity About The Size Of Their Penises.
— Jeffrey Eugenides —

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