Tarryn Fisher Quotes: After Everything Happened With You And

After Everything Happened With You And Me, I Tried To Heal. I Knew That I Needed To Forget You And Move On. I Hurt So Much; Everyday Felt Like A Death Sentence. I Mourned You Like You Were Dead And Then, I Met Leah. We Were Set Up On A Blind Date And I Remember Feeling Hope That Day. It Was The First Day In A Year That I Felt Hope. We Took Our Time Getting To Know Each Other, I Bought Her A Ring." He Shot Me A Look To See If I Remembered The Iceberg.
"And Then, All Of A Sudden I Missed You Again. I Mean, I Never Stopped Missing You, But This Time It Hit Me Hard. I Couldn't Go To Sleep For A Single Night Without Seeing You In My Dreams. I Compared Everything Leah Did To Everything I Remembered About You. It Was Like The Old Wound Opened Itself Up Again And I Was Bleeding Out My Feelings For You." I Close My Eyes At His Words. Words That I Want To Hear Badly But That Are Making My Heart Ache So Terribly I Can Barely Breathe.
— Tarryn Fisher —

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