Gustave Flaubert Quotes: One Day You Find It Repeated Rodolphe

One Day, You Find It,' Repeated Rodolphe, 'one Day, Quite Suddenly, When You've Given Up Hope. Then New Horizons Stretch Before You, And It's Like A Voice That Cries: "Here It Is!" You Long To Tell This Person Everything That's Ever Happened To You, To Give Everything, To Sacrifice Everything To This Person! There's No Need For Words - You Can Read Each Other's Thoughts. You've Seen Each Other In Your Dreams.' (He Was Staring At Her.) 'So, At Last, It's Here, This Treasure You've Been So Desperately Seeking, Here, Before You, Bright And Sparkling. But You Still Feel Unsure, You Daren't Believe In It; You're Dazzled, As If You'd Come From Out Of The Shadows Into The Light.
— Gustave Flaubert —

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