Brandon Sanderson Quotes: We Both Know The Kandra Wanted Him On

We Both Know The Kandra Wanted Him On This Mission, And They Arranged The Meeting With Me To Try To Hook Him. At The Precinct, When I Accomplish Something, Everyone Assumes I Had Waxillium's Help. Sometimes It's Like I'm No More Than An Appendage."
"You're Not That At All, Marasi," Wayne Said. "You're Important. You Help Out A Lot. Plus You Smell Nice, And Not All Bloody And Stuff."
"Great. I Have No Idea What You Just Said."
"Appendages Don't Smell Nice," Wayne Said. "And They're Kinda Gross. I Cut One Outta A Fellow Once."
"You Mean An Appendix?"
"Sure." He Hesitated. "So ... "
"Not The Same Thing."
"Right. Thought You Was Makin' A Metaphor, Since People Don't Need One Of Those And All.
— Brandon Sanderson —

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