Philip Yancey Quotes: I Used To Feel Spiritually Inferior

I Used To Feel Spiritually Inferior Because I Had Not Experienced The More Spectacular Manifestations Of The Spirit And Could Not Point To Any Bona Fide "miracles" In My Life. Increasingly, Though, I Have Come To See That What I Value May Differ Greatly From What God Values. Jesus, Often Reluctant To Perform Miracles, Considered It Progress When He Departed Earth And Entrusted The Mission To His Flawed Disciples. Like A Proud Parent, God Seems To Take More Delight As A Spectator Of The Bumbling Achievements Of Stripling Children Than In Any Self-display Of Omnipotence.
From God's Perspective, If I May Speculate, The Great Advance In Human History May Be What Happened At Pentecost, Which Restored The Direct Correspondence Of Spirit To Spirit That Had Been Lost In Eden. I Want God To Act In Direct, Impressive, Irrefutable Ways. God Wants To "share Power" With The Likes Of Me, Accomplishing His Work Through People, Not Despite Them.
— Philip Yancey —

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