J.M. Darhower Quotes: I Thought Wed Be Okay Apart But I Was

... .I Thought We'd Be Okay Apart, But I Was Sorely Mistaken. I Don't Need Much, Haven, But I Do Need You."
"I Need You, Too, You Know," She Said. "You Make Me Feel Safe."
Despite Everything, She Trusted Him. She Believed In Him. She Loved Him.
And He Loved Her . . . More Than Anything In The World. She Had Given Herself To Him Again, Every Barrier Between Them Broken Down. All Of Those Unanswered Questions, All Of The Worry, Every Single Bit Of It Had Been Resolved The Moment They Came Back Together.
"Haven," He Said. "If I Could Have Anything, I Know What I'd Ask For Now."
She Pulled Back From Their Hug To Look At Him With Genuine Curiosity. "What?"
Carmine Took A Step Back, Reaching Around His Neck To Pull Off The Gold Chain. He Unfastened It, Removing The Small Ring, And Eyed It In His Palm Momentarily Before Dropping To His Knee.
"If I Could Have Anything In The World, It Would Be For You To Marry Me.
— J.M. Darhower —

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