Michael Chabon Quotes: The Road Is Not A Record Of Fatherly

The Road Is Not A Record Of Fatherly Fidelity; It Is A Testament To The Abyss Of A Parent's Greatest Fears. The Fear Of Leaving Your Child Alone, Of Dying Before Your Child Has Reached Adulthood And Learned To Work The Mechanisms And Face The Dangers Of The World, Or Found A New Partner To Face Them With. The Fear Of One Day Being Obliged For Your Child's Own Good, For His Peace And Comfort, To Do Violence To Him Or Even End His Life. And, Above All, The Fear Of Knowing-as Every Parent Fears-that You Have Left Your Children A World More Damaged, More Poisoned, More Base And Violent And Cheerless And Toxic, More Doomed, Than The One You Inherited. It Is In The Audacity And Single-mindedness With Which The Road Extends The Metaphor Of A Father's Guilt And Heartbreak Over Abandoning His Son To Shift For Himself In A Ruined, Friendless World That The Road Finds Its Great Power To Move And Horrify The Reader.
— Michael Chabon —

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