J. Gresham Machen Quotes: The Sage Of Nazareth May Satisfy Those

The Sage Of Nazareth May Satisfy Those Who Have Never Faced The Problem Of Evil In Their Own Lives; But To Talk About An Ideal To Those Who Are Under The Thralldom Of Sin Is A Cruel Mockery. Yet If Jesus Was Merely A Man Like The Rest Of Men, Then An Ideal Is All That We Have In Him. Far More Is Needed By A Sinful World. It Is Small Comfort To Be Told That There Was Goodness In The World, When What We Need Is Goodness Triumphant Over Sin. But Goodness Triumphant Over Sin Involves An Entrance Of The Creative Power Of God, And That Creative Power Of God Is Manifested By The Miracles. Without The Miracles, The New Testament Might Be Easier To Believe. But The Thing That Would Be Believed Would Be Entirely Different From That Which Presents Itself To Us Now. Without The Miracles We Should Have A Teacher; With The Miracles We Have A Savior.
— J. Gresham Machen —

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