Sheryl Sandberg Quotes: Increasingly Prominent Thinkers In The

Increasingly, Prominent Thinkers In The Field Of Leadership Studies Like Marcus Buckingham Are Challenging Traditional Notions Of Leadership. Their Research Suggests That Presenting Leadership As A List Of Carefully Defined Qualities (like Strategic, Analytical, And Performance-oriented) No Longer Holds. Instead, True Leadership Stems From Individuality That Is Honestly And Sometimes Imperfectly Expressed.4 They Believe Leaders Should Strive For Authenticity Over Perfection. This Shift Is Good News For Women, Who Often Feel Obliged To Suppress Their Emotions In The Workplace In An Attempt To Come Across As More Stereotypically Male. And It's Also Good News For Men, Who May Be Doing The Exact Same Thing. I
— Sheryl Sandberg —

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