Karen Chance Quotes: My Tried And True Philosophy Of Keeping

My Tried-and-true Philosophy Of Keeping People At A Distance Was Taking A Beating Lately. It Wasn't Working So Well With Mircea, And Pritkin Had Somehow Bulldozed Past Every Defense I Had Before I'd Even Noticed. I Still Wasn't Sure How He'd Done It.
He Wasn't That Good-looking, He Had The Social Skills Of A Wet Cat And The Patience Of A Caffeinated Hummingbird. In Between Crazy Stunts And, Okay, Saving My Life, He Was Just Really Annoying. When We'd Started Working Together, I'd Assumed It Would Be A Question Of Putting Up With Pritkin; Then Suddenly The Stupid Hair Was Making Me Smile, And The Sporadic Heroics Were Making My Heart Jump And The Constant Bitching Had Me Wanting To Kiss Him Quiet. And Now I Cared More Than Was Good For Me.
— Karen Chance —

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